SACF South Asian Cinema in UK


Sabu in Elephant Boy

Director: Robert Flaherty and Zoltan Korda
Producer: Alexander Korda
Production Company: London Film Productions
Story: Rudyard Kipling

This film is a major part of SACF’s HLF -funded project:A Hidden Heritage: Indo-British Film Collaboration (1930-1951).

Its hero is an Indian lad from Mysore in South India named Sabu who was found by legendary documentary filmmaker Flaherty’s cinematographer, Osmond Borradaile. It resulted in Sabu being brought over by Korda to England. Though it was Sabu’s first film, he became an instant success due to his natural charm and flair for acting. It helped launch his career as Britain’s outstanding child star who won international fame.

The above findings are part of the research which ensued in the project - A Hidden Heritage: Indo-British FilmCollaboration (1930-1951)